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The Richard L. Hathaway (RLH) team provides logically integrated solutions that will take advantage of traditional and advanced technologies. A thorough study of each client's tactical and strategic business goals and mission will reveal which proper mix of technologies to achieve the desired results. We believe the technologies themselves are merely tools to be deployed to achieve business results.

Today's telecommunications and information systems environment is a unique blend of evolutionary and revolutionary technologies that can serve as vital tools for business success. The evolution and convergence of the traditional voice and data worlds offer exciting new opportunities not available just a few short years ago, along with some new challenges. This unified communications evolution is also frequently accompanied by uncertainty and occasionally market induced confusion that can cloud proper systems and infrastructure choices.

RLH believes that business goals and objectives should be the primary driver for an effective technology selection. We approach each engagement by working with the client’s operational staff and strategic planners to develop an understanding of how each client's core voice and data infrastructure supports current and future business objectives. This understanding is key to selecting the "best fit" technology for long-term enterprise success, rather than just what any specific vendor has to sell.

RLH serves a wide variety of client market verticals:

After forty years in the technology field, RLH has developed a wide contact network of industry experts. Chief among these are the Members of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International (SCTC), the largest organization of truly independent consultants in North America. As a long-term member and Past-President of the SCTC we frequently partner with those independent consultants as needed to provide specific subject matter expertise.